Mayorvy Cifuentes




Leadership Team

Mr. Mayorvy Cifuentes has spent the last 23 years serving students, families, and their communities in many districts in Colorado. Most recently, Mr. Cifuentes served at University Hills Elementary, a Bilingual school in the Boulder Valley School District.

Mr. Cifuentes shared, “I lead by ensuring equitable practices and breaking the chains of oppression that have been built into the education system since its inception. The teams of the schools I served and led worked hard to help open doors and provide supporting hands in and against major obstacles. I have worked hard to answer the call to make a difference by unlocking the potential of all our students so it becomes a reality by working together to define a different destiny… I ask you to join me in opening doors for a better future by being change agents and shaping a future in which students can choose their own destinies. Let’s use our relationships, and open our hearts so we can lift the community together to pave a road of success at McGlone Academy.