Student in class

Core Values

McGlone Academy’s Core Values are deeply embedded in all that we do at both of our schools. In order to build and maintain a strong school culture, McGlone Academy is armed with tools and resources to engage students with the Core Values. The Core Values and student competencies tied the growth of the whole child are:

Curriculum that Supports Social-Emotional Learning

McGlone Academy leverages a variety of curricula that contributes to students’ social-emotional learning and growth. In addition, all of our classrooms start the day with a morning circle or Advisory in middle school.

School-Based Student Support Teams

McGlone Academy has a full student support team to ensure that whole child needs are adequately met. This team includes a nurse, psychologist, social worker, and a Dean of Students for each academy (Lobitos-ECE-2nd, Lobos-3rd-5th, Wolfpack-6th-8th).

Empowerment Team

Our school has a team of Specialists leading STEAM and physical education courses. Students at McGlone are being challenged and engaged with science, technology, the arts, and physical education.

Restorative Practices

McGlone leverages restorative practices to promote and strengthen positive school culture and enhance pro-social relationships within the school community. 

School Cell Phone Policy

We know that cell phones are a large part of our world today and understand the importance of clear communication. As a school, we have made the decision that they will not be part of the educational experience at McGlone.  We are seeing the negative effects of social media and screen time and want to ensure that your student’s experience is centered on their academics and this will be a way to support their academic growth. We thank you for your continued support in ensuring that our students are living our priorities of Every Minute Counts!