Welcome to McGlone Academy | ¡Bienvenidos y Bienvenidas!

At McGlone Academy we ensure all learners achieve excellence in academics and the arts, while simultaneously empowering kids, families, and staff in our Montbello community as diverse and equitable changemakers.

En McGlone Academy nos aseguramos de que todos los estudiantes alcancen la excelencia en lo académico y las artes, al mismo tiempo que empoderamos a los niños, las familias y el personal de nuestra comunidad de Montbello como agentes de cambio diversos y equitativos.

McGlone News | Noticias de McGlone

Escuelas DPS estarán cerradas mañana viernes

Mental Health Day Tomorrow, March 24: Yesterday, the Denver Public Schools and East High School communities were again traumatized by an act of gun violence. Our hearts are with the two staff members injured, and we are wishing them a healthy and full recovery…. Continue Reading

McGlone is a Title 1 School | Información

At McGlone Academy, we understand the importance of alignment within the school community in order to achieve our mission of preparing scholars to complete, achieve, and lead in college and in life. This mission can be best achieved when scholars, families,… Continue Reading

Mr. Mayorvy Cifuentes has been selected as the next leader at McGlone

February 17, 2023 Dear McGlone Academy Community, We are excited to announce that Mr. Mayorvy Cifuentes has been selected as the next leader at McGlone Academy for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond. We are confident Principal Cifuentes will continue to build upon the many strengths of McGlone Academy and that he will carry on and expand McGlone’s foundation of success for students…. Continue Reading

All DPS schools are delayed by two hours Thursday, Feb. 23.

Dear McGlone Academy School Families, Because of severe weather conditions, please note that on Thursday, February 23, Denver Public Schools will be operating on a two-hour delayed start schedule. Please, our students should follow their academy bell schedules. Respectfully, The Leadership Team… Continue Reading
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School Events | Eventos de la Escuela

CMAS Science Unit 3 5th Gr & 8th Gr
CMAS Science Make-Ups
Rigorous & Joyful Instruction
Rigorous & Joyful Instruction
Rigorous & Joyful Instruction