Second Grade

Paulina Gutierrez

ECE-2 ELA-S Reading Intervention

My name is Paulina Gutierrez. I am from Ecuador and I have lived in Colorado for 28 years. I graduated from Metro State University and I got my master’s degree from Colorado University (CU). I have worked in DPS for 17 years, the last 10 years I have worked at McGlone Academy. I love to travel, I love music, and I enjoy reading good books. My passion definitely is teaching.

A quote that I try to live by:

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” —Nelson Mandela

Kristin McIlroy

ECE-2 ELA-E Reading Intervention

Christina Medina

ELA-S Teacher

My name is Christina Medina. I studied Bilingual Education at the University of Northern Colorado and Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity. I started teaching in Denver in 2008. I love nature walks and playing with my English Mastiff, Pancake.

A quote that I try to live by:

“In the beginning was the word. And the Word was made flesh. It was so in the beginning and it is so today. The language, the Word, carries within the history, the culture, the traditions, the very life of a people, the flesh. Language is people. We cannot even conceive of a people without language.” —Sabine Ulibarrí.

Martha Avila headshot

Martha Avila

ELA-S Teacher

My name is Martha Avila. I have been a teacher at McGlone Academy for 6 years. I went to Metro State University. I was born and raised in Juarez, Chihuahua. I attended Overland High School. In my free time, I’m a Pokemon trainer.

A quote that I try to live by:

“Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz- Benito Juarez.” —Benito Juarez