Mental Health

Diana Arroyo

Health Paraprofessional

Carolyn Campos

School Counselor

My name is Ms. Campos and I grew up in Aurora Colorado. My Mother is from Colombia and my Father is from Spain. I was raised mostly by my Abuela who lived to 99 years old. She worked so hard to make me the person I am today. I love working in Montbello and am excited to work here at McGlone Academy! My family is very small here in Colorado. I have an older brother who lives and works in Denver. Then there is my son, Manuel who is 9 years old and in the 4th grade, he is a DPS student as well. The rest of my family is mostly back home in Colombia and Spain. Some live in New York and Florida. My son’s father is Dominican, so we get to visit his family in the Dominican Republic. I have been working in Education for 15 years. My work has mostly been in High Schools including working at Noel Community Arts on the Montbello Campus. This is my second Elementary and Middle School. Come in and introduce yourself! I am here to support you with academics, future plans, and personal or family stresses.

Kelly McLaughlin

School Psychologist

Jennifer Staff

Social Worker

This is Ms. Staff’s second year as McGlone Academy’s school social worker. A native of Maryland, Ms. Staff lived many years in Chicago before moving to Denver in 2012. Ms. Staff’s favorite hobbies are reading, hiking, traveling, and relaxing at home with her family.

A quote that I try to live by:

“Every time you think of calling a kid “attention-seeking” this year, consider changing it to “connection-seeking” and see how your perspective changes.” —Dr. Jody Carrington