Happy Thanksgiving Break

Posted November 19, 2022

Dear McGlone Academy Community,

We are thankful for the many things as we reflect. Please let us share just a few of them with you:

We are pleased with our students who come to McGlone Academy every day ready to learn. They provide us all a daily reminder of why we are here and what is essential.

We are grateful for the support of the parents in building an excellent community for our students. We are also thankful that our parents have kept their trust and confidence in us.

We are grateful for the teachers, paraprofessionals, office support team, health aides, nurses, lunch clerks, support staff, educator interns, family liaisons, and facilities team who care about student success and have the best interests of our students in essence. We see dedicated and hard-working individuals going above and beyond to make sure that great things happen in our school. They do make a difference, and our students benefit from those efforts.

We would like to wish all of you and your families a healthy, relaxing, and happy Thanksgiving break!


The Administration Team

Mr. José Martinez, Principal

Mrs. Angelique Barrón, Site Administrator

Mrs. Kiara Procter, MS Assistant Principal

Mrs. Rhonda Robbins, 3-5 Assistant Principal

Mrs. Donnis Hurd, ECE-2 Assistant Principal