ECE Resources for Remote Learning

Supporting Students at Home: Pre-K


This guide is designed to provide ideas to parents for engaging children in learning at home. The activities provided are intended to help keep children intellectually active and find opportunities for exploration and experimentation outside of the classroom. Parents are encouraged to make selections from the activities that best suit their children’s needs and interests. 

Sample Daily Schedule 

Parents please note that this is only a suggested daily schedule.  Feel free to adapt times and activities to what works best for your family’s daily needs. Most of remember to have fun during this season.

Academic Activity Choices 

Each instructional area has a “choice menu” of options. Consider choosing a variety of activities from a few different content areas each day. These options include opportunities for physical activity, reading books, and using technology, online resources, and television programming. Conversations with your child about the activities they are completing will help to support communication skills and understanding. Please see the following topics which include a variety of activities that you can choose from for your child each day. 


Language & Literacy 



Social Studies 

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development 

Fine Arts 

Digital Resources (Suggested resources that can be accessed digitally)

Free Resources

Educational TV 

PBS has a variety of educational TV. Here is how you can access PBS in the Denver area.