Summer Learning Links:

Please find additional remote learning links for your students to use throughout the summer below:

Lobitos (ECE-2nd) 

ECE Lessons

ELA E Kinder Lessons

Username- First name
(McKinney code- 263128;
Williams code-369496)

ELA S Kinder Lessons

1st Grade

2nd Grade

K-2 Specials




Lobos (3rd-5th) 

3rd-5th Grade Lesson:

(You can choose from a variety of resources
and don’t forget to read for at least 20 minutes every day!)

Prodigy Math


Lion Library

Brain Pop Jr.


Khan Academy

Mystery Science

Art 1, 2, 3

Wolfpack (6th-8th) 

Art 1, 2

6th Grade


1. Complete 6th grade ELA lessons posted on Google Classroom, and improve any assignments below a ‘B’
2. Check out and read books from Sora app, sign in with DPS account
3. Freckle Language Arts practice.
Log in codes: 4th period: jrgr83
7th period: pum93g
8th period: szpups


1. Continue Working through 6th grade level lessons and watching the videos for support
2. Class code: F9C54F

Khan Academy

Prodigy Game


This Amplify site has videos with teachers explaining lessons in Amplify, and is great practice for building science knowledge and skills.

This Exploratorium site has cool videos and activities to help explain coronavirus and build understanding about how to stay healthy.

This site from the American Association for the Advancement of Science has activities and lessons you can try on your own.

Social Studies:

1. Login directly with Google, read 1 article a day and take a quiz
2. Pick a new country to learn about every day

Newslea Social Studies

Geography Now

7th & 8th Grade

ELA & Social Studies:

New York Times

Washington Post


Geography Now

Crash Course


1. Continue Working through 7/8th grade level lessons and watching the videos for support

2. Prodigy Class code: 3458F2; Khan Academy: UUGMUV8G

Khan Academy

Prodigy Game


PBS has several shows dealing with science and other subjects. An example of science shows are, 10a Breakthrough and 11a Nova.
*You can view schedule on their app, online (via phone) or if you do have TV and cable, they’ll have a guide.
*Watch videos about several topics and how science is involved.
*Work on lesson in other units.

PBS Learning



SY19-20 Remote Learning Plans by Academy:

This page will remain up through August 3, 2020.

Remote learning begins on April 7th for ECE-8th grade students. Please have your student’s ID or lunch number available to access daily attendance and materials. Please note, on most online learning platforms your student’s 8 digit date of birth will be the password MMDDYYY so if your birthday is April 7, 2020 it would be 04072020. If you have any questions please reach out to your student’s teacher.

Lobitos (ECE-2nd) 

ECE Lessons

*please note that attendance is not a requirement for ECE!

Kinder ELA-E Literacy, Math (McKinney & Williams)

Kinder ELA-S Literacy & Math (Sanchez & Uribe)

K-2 Read Aloud (Nelson); K-2 Read Aloud Spanish


K-2 Math Games (McLean)

ELA-S Intervention (Gutierrez)

K-3 English Reading Resources

Lobitos (ECE-2nd) 

1st ELA-E Literacy, Math (Finney & Kelley)

1st ELA-S Literacy, Math, Phonics (Mora & Swain)

2nd ELA-E Literacy Access Directions (Okoye), Math (Buscher class code:25rivtn)

2nd ELA-S Access Directions (Smith & Goggins)

1st & 2nd Phonics

K-2 Art, K-2 Science, K-2 Music, K-2 Tech, K-2 Physical Education

Lobos (3rd-5th) 

3rd Grade Lessons ELA EELA-S

4th Grade Lessons:

Boehler (class code: q4wdsjp), Hurd, Castellanos, Schommer

5th Grade Lessons (class code: bd5bw7y)

5th ELD (class code: 3z6jcg5)


Lobos (3rd-5th) 

3-5 Music (class code: apy3ymt)

3-5 Tech

3-5 Science (class code: zn7mzkd)

3-5 Art (class code: bnbvesc)

3-5 Physical Education

3-5 Intervention (Gonzalez) (class code: d2xsjrq)

Wolfpack (6th-8th) 

6th Grade

6th Math (class code: yhfwn2q)
6th ELA (period 4: xgvr3ri; period 7: p5boi5o; period 8: iajoypv)
6th Science
6th Social Studies (Muniz) (Klare)

7th Grade

7th Math (period 3: k5ugcrs; period 6: ovbtt6p; period 8: nuzewdd)
7th ELA 
7th Science (class code: bdtfo37)
7th Social Studies (Muniz) (Reed period 6)

8th Grade

8th Math (Boven-Betz period 6 code: ycg5t7; Boven-Betz period 8 code: l6svfjk; Ashby period 7 code wwdexw2)
8th ELA (period 3 code: tclwk7q, period 4 code: 3vmcxk2, period 7 code: knk25ex)
8th Science
8th Social Studies

Family Communication

Community Resources