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At McGlone Academy, we deliver high-quality teaching in a supportive environment to foster great achievement from ECE through 8th grade. We value a strong academic core that inspires a love of learning will supporting the development of skills necessary for kids to become college and career ready.

McGlone’s personalized and authentic learning approach merges core content and the arts to create authentic educational experiences that challenge kids to explore, create, critically think, collaborate, persevere, and become responsible digital citizens and changemakers in our Montbello community and beyond.


ECE-8th GradeROYL1481

In the 2016-17 school year, McGlone shifted from an ECE-5 to and ECE-8 school. Our expansion into middle school is a grassroots effort led by the overwhelming demand and outpouring of support from our students and families. This expansion enables us to further build upon our school culture and create a strong, supportive environment where 6th-8th graders continue to thrive in the McGlone Family during their adolescent years.