Bus Schedule and Information

Bus Routes

All bus route information is available to parents online through Infinite Campus Portal.

The portal grants access to accurate, current and confidential information about your child’s transportation, attendance, grades, class assignments and more. If you are a first time user and haven’t been assigned an Activation Key, or require additional assistance, you must contact your child’s school.

If a student rides the Success Express Shuttle system, parents receive a schedule in the mail, and students receive one from his/her participating school. These schedules are also available here.



Safety is the top priority within our commitment to providing efficient and equitable transportation for our 26,000 student riders every day.  A critical part of this commitment is knowing when and where each child gets on and off the school bus, and this accounts for a significant portion of questions families have. With the introduction of +Pass (“Plus Pass”) on our school bus fleet, school and transportation officials will be able to instantly provide families with real-time, accurate answers to these questions.

Transportation-eligible students are issued a +Pass ridership card and all DPS yellow school buses are equipped with a +Pass card reader so transportation and school officials can instantly access accurate, real-time information about when and where students get on and off the bus. +Pass readers are installed only on school buses and nowhere else on school campuses.  With the addition of +Pass, we look forward to providing greater peace of mind to families, by being able to instantly answer questions about when and where students get on and off the bus.

+Pass Benefits

Peace of Mind and Enhanced Customer Service: Helps to answer parents’ questions about when and where their student gets on and off the bus. In the rare event of an emergency that impacts bus schedules or routes, it allows transportation and school officials to instantly access real-time, accurate ridership information.

Increased Efficiency:  Because we will know more about how students are using transportation, we will also be able to improve our overall service by more efficiently managing where we place buses and routes.