Lobos: 3rd – 5th Grade

Lobos Academics: 3rd – 5th Grade


Elementary literacy blocks are comprised of about one hundred and twenty minutes of integrated literacy instruction.Teachers utilize the Expeditionary Learning curriculum to support the demanding shifts of the Common Core. In a typical day in an elementary literacy classroom, kids will engage with a variety of rigorous, standards-based reading and writing tasks. Our kids have the opportunity to interact with complex, culturally relevant texts on a daily basis by: engaging in student-driven discourse utilizing the text as supporting evidence, writing grade-level appropriate responses to text-based questions, and read-read-reading either out loud with their peers or to themselves. Literacy blocks will also include Read Aloud time, independent work time, and small group instruction or one-on-one student conferencing.


Elementary math blocks have a strong focus on “real world math”. At McGlone Academy we believe that students will best learn the skills of problem solving by actually teaching through problem solving. Teachers utilize the Engage NY curriculum as a tool to support the rigorous shifts in the Common Core math standards. Math blocks are comprised of an inquiry or problem based question aligned to a standard and math focus, a standards-based mini lesson, and student exploration time. Our kids will utilize a variety of strategies, manipulatives, and supporting visuals to solve their math problems and then justify their reasoning in words using precise math vocabulary. Math blocks will also include intentional number sense development and small group instruction.


At McGlone Academy we highly value our specials and arts classes and believe they are key in giving our students opportunities to be well-rounded, college and career ready human beings. Everyday a student at McGlone receives one hundred and forty minutes of blocked specials time.This includes, on a rotating schedule: Gym, Music, Art Studio, Technology and Steam Lab, and Science Class. Teachers in all classes value student voice, choice, and rigorous content exploration. Our kids have the opportunities to experience everything from robot building to learning to play a musical instrument.

English Language Development (ELD)

McGlone Academy engages students with a differentiated language development block utilizing the EL Achieve curriculum as a tool. Kids engage in a variety of language driven tasks that utilize 4 domains: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. During ELD blocks you will find kids engaging in a variety of language tasks in order to practice their language skills within each of the four language domains.